2020 Semiconductor Stock Review, 4Q20 Auto IC Sales, IEDM 2020

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    January 8, 2021 — Strategy and Tactics: 2020 Review, 4Q20 Auto IC sales, IEDM Highlights. WildPhotons: If we can create the future in ...
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    2020 Semiconductor Stock Review:

    What a year! The average Semiconductor Stock rose 44% last year. The best of VLSI's indices grew 90%. The worst was still up 21%. One Stock soared more than 200% and four rose more than 90%. If you ever wondered when was the best time to buy into these companies, a lesson could be that 2020 was not as good as the average gain of 66% in 2019 — a down year for the industry. The stock market appears to have learned from the decades-long history of the Silicon Cycle that it's hard to lose when the industry is down, as the two-year gain for VLSI's equipment index was up 165% and semiconductors gained 138%. The best sectors were Test Equipment +253%, Foundry & OSAT +240%, and EDA +213%. Following these were Wafer Fab Equipment +163%, Fabless/lite +121%, IDM +95%, Assembly Equipment +93%, and Electronic Materials +75%.

    4Q20 Auto IC sales

    reached $6.2 B and were up 30% sequentially and 11% y/y. 4Q20 was the first quarter that Auto IC sales were above 2019 levels.

    IEDM 2020: Chip Insider favorites — It's too much to cover in one sitting, so I will start with the Plenaries, Tutorial,s & Short courses: I always enjoy these, because the technology topics that make it here signal they are ready to go to market. The big picture takeaways were...

    2020 Semiconductor Stock Review, 4Q20 Auto IC sales, IEDM 2020

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