China's WFE needs. Coronavirus and its Silicon Bridge. Internet Access in the Fab.

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    July 10, 2020 — Strategy and Tactics: China's WFE needs. Coronavirus and its Silicon Bridge. Internet Access in the Fab. WildPhotons: Listening is ...
    G Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    China's Made-in-China Goal: How much will it take? In other words, how will meeting China's 2025 goal of producing 70% of its market affect the equipment market? Answering that question is attacked analytically and the consequences of meeting it are given. In 2020, we expect China's WFE spend to approach 30% of the world's total and reach just over that in production share of end markets. As China continues to grow its WFE spend as it heads towards its 2025 goal, it will account for huge amounts of WFE demand. The bottom line is that China 2025 guarantees a super-strong WFE market over the next five years.

    The Coronavirus and its Silicon Bridge: Whenever there's a disruptive crisis, analysts invariably run home to mama — i.e. the last disruptive crisis — to frame what's happening today. But often there is one further back that's better. For example ... The more I try to get my hands around the long-term impact of Phase 3 of Coronavirus, the more I see the post-WWII social-economic environment as being the most appropriate way to frame it...

    Internet Access in the Fab: Crises always drive disruptive change in the industry and the Coronavirus is no different. In order to keep production going in an environment where travel by maintenance experts is limited...

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