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    The Road Is Clear into the Second Half

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    Semiconductor Equipment Weather Report: August 03, 2021

    Andrea Lati
    The road is clear into the second half
    • Order activity for semiconductor equipment held above 108 degrees with no signs of cooling off any time soon
    • These record levels of activity will translate into a strong second half for the equipment market
    • Just like chipmakers, equipment suppliers are scrambling to increase capacity to meet demand
    • Despite ongoing constrains the equipment market is now on track to increase over 35% in 2021, nearly four points higher than our forecast of 31%
    • VLSI's Chip Price Performance is rolling over amid DRAM weakness
      • DRAM plunged
      • NAND rose
      • MPUs flat
    • Inventories are trending higher at the nominal level
    The road is clear into the second half

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