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    Sustainable Mobility

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    December 3, 2021 — Strategy and Tactics: Sustainable Mobility WildPhotons: Nothing is worth more than this day...
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    Sustainable Mobility: This was the key word at the MOVE e-Mobility auto technology conference in London. 'Auto' is a dirty word in this crowd. I learned that Auto execs increasingly prefer to refer to their industry as 'sustainable mobility.' This is more than simple green-washing, as the show floor was overrun with electric scooter companies, which actually make more sense in Europe's tightly-packed cities than they do in California, where start-ups like Lime pioneered electric-scooter mobility solutions in 2017.

    The show floor also revealed an industry that was being disintegrated by electrification. The ICE business model was always dependent on...Proof can be seen in Tesla being the first truly successful company to disrupt the ICE giants' hegemony over mobility. But you already know this. What was so eye opening to me was...My proof points are that if batteries were a primal differentiator then...

    Reliability: A hidden Auto Industry Disruptor. How using consumer grade chips could have a significant ripple effect on semiconductors...

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Don't write them off...

    Dan's China Strategy Book Shelf: We have been Harmonized by Kai Strittmatter is an interesting look at the most masterful control of a population in history by blending AI, cloud, sensors, and smart city technology advances.

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    Sustainable Mobility

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