Tariffs and the COVID Boom

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    August 21, 2020 — Strategy and Tactics: How Tariffs will Change Semiconductor Equipment. The COVID Boom: Is it too good to be true? Intel, IBM, GF, Aart de Geus and Terry Higashi. CHC: Off-Shoring WildPhotons: There are forty kinds of ...
    G. Dan Hutcheson

    How Tariffs and Controls will Change Semiconductor Equipment:

    Economic Theory has labeled tariffs as bad policy for an economy since the days of Adam Smith. It was also in the days before currencies could be easily manipulated and industrial efficiency beat manual labor. As everyone knows today, currency manipulation is easily hidden and virtually impossible to discover; while free trade has made industrial efficiency available to everyone. Meanwhile, China's unique blend of Communist Capitalism learned how to take advantage of this old economic system. We look into
    • Why tariffs are no longer thought of as bad
    • The statics and dynamics behind them
    • If they are here to stay
    • What the post-Globalization world is about
    • Is the era of China being the world's manufacturing center over
    • What China's doing about it
    • And more
    The COVID Boom: Is it too good to be true? COVID has been bouncing semiconductor and equipment forecasts around for months now. Sales have unexpectedly grown, as cloud networks and datacenters scrambled to expand data processing capacity to handle the new Work-At-Home-Economy, or WAHE. But the global economy was sunk into a deep downturn. So, is the macroeconomic bill for semiconductors in the mail? Should you be worried about the fourth quarter and 2021? What are the out-of-sample events fogging visibility into 2021? How the Trump Administration's battle with China and Huawei factor in and more...

    What's Happening and What's the Meaning: Intel's new semiconductor strategy. IBM's next gen Power10 CPU. GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDX 5G mmWave chips. Aart de Geus and Terry Higashi.

    The Chip History Center — Going Off-Shore: how it all started in the sixties.

    Tariffs and the COVID Boom

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