The Threat of IT Power Consumption. SMIC, Toshiba, and Inventory

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    October 2, 2020 — Strategy and Tactics: The Threat of IT Power Consumption. SMIC, Toshiba, and Inventory. WildPhotons: If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation ...
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson

    The Threat of IT Power Consumption: As Information Technology rose to save the world's economy from the ravages of COVID-19, a new fear emerged that the IT power needed for the 5-10 year pull-in of digitalization could overwhelm the power grid. It has been said that Data Center alone could consume all electrical power produced by 2040. That reminded me of similar predictions made in 2010, in which all IT would consume all the world's power by 2020. What happened then and now raise similar questions:

    After SMIC, what's next? Wondering why Micron upped its capex this week?

    Trump Administration restricts sale of exports to SMIC: The impact was to tank Chinese Semi stocks -4% and Taiwan -3%. As for hedge fund predictions it would send U.S. equipment stocks down, the opposite happened as they rose 5%.

    Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage closing doors on its System LSI group: Thus brings a sad end to a once legendary flagship in Japan's fleet of semiconductor giants that emerged to dominate the world in the 80s...

    Maxim: Inventory, it's never too high until it is — As an indicator, inventories are notoriously difficult to understand. Hindsight always makes their message seem clear. But in the fog of an upturn, they are often misunderstood by analysts...

    The Threat of IT Power Consumption. SMIC, Toshiba, and Inventory

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