TSMC's 2021 Technology Symposium

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    June 4, 2021 — Strategy and Tactics: TSMC's 2021 Technology Symposium WildPhotons: Dogs are the leaders of the planet...
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    TSMC's 2021 Technology Symposium was its usual technical tour-de-force, in which its executives laid out a 2-to-3-year roadmap for its customers to plan their product development. Overall, they provided technological proof of what I recently wrote, that it is the Hope Diamond of the Semiconductor Industry when it comes to geopolitics...TSMC kicked off with this in Dave Keller's talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic had accelerated technology adoption...
    The challenge this growth will present to the power grid was also noted. The growth in power consumption can only be mitigated with more power efficient semiconductors, which was a beautiful segue into TSMC's new process offerings. Number one was C.C. Wei's doubling down on Moore's Law and PPACt, which he said is essential to controlling data center power consumption in this decade. You could tell he is personally committed to making it happen...Number two is to deliver on TSMC's promise to be the trusted capacity supplier, for which they will spend $100B over the next 3-years, with ~$30B planned for 2021, which is...

    TSMC's Strategic Positions: All of the above highlighted TSMC's return to the horizontal market strategy I've written about before and Morris Chang adopted from TI's old competitive strategy when he was there...

    Maxim: Forecasting an opinion is far harder than forecasting a fact.

    Markets are fundamentally harder to forecast when their drivers are soft, not hard. For example, the market for Automatic Test Equipment has always been harder to forecast than Wafer Fab Equipment. The reason, to put it bluntly, is that...

    TSMC's 2021 Technology Symposium

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