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    TSMC's OIP Ecosystem Strategy

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    December 10, 2021 — Strategy and Tactics: TSMC's OIP Ecosystem Strategy? WildPhotons: Vision without execution is ...
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    TSMC's OIP Ecosystem forum showed how just how powerful Morris Chang's strategy of a "Grand Alliance" could be against entrenched incumbents. It was a blue ocean strategy, in that when he rolled it out in 2013, it seemed more like a grandiose vision of what already existed. Competitors scoffed at it. But when it was rebranded as the Open Innovation Platform, it revealed a golden arch that most designs would pass through on their way to being monetized. It was also a golden arch where TSMC was the cornerstone. It also revealed Morris's strategic genius along the lines of ... There hadn't been strategy as big as this since the ... One could see how far they've come at last month's TSMC North American OIP Ecosystem Forum. I can remember when pundits said we'd never get to 0.25 micron. And then experts told me we'd never get to 32nm. And then it was 3nm. And now TSMC has N3 on the way with faster speed and lower power than N5, which was better than N7. They also have N2 in sight. All the while, even their customers debate the demise of Moore's Law. There's even a YouTube channel... Strange thing is that even the deniers don't deny that innovation that relies on density improvements with speed and power improvements is not dead. Suffice it to say, what TSMC has been doing with the OIP is nothing but amazing.

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    TSMC's OIP Ecosystem Strategy

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