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    WFE Outlook 4Q2021

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    September 16, 2021
    WFE Outlook
    The upgrade to the WFE forecast is driven by the pandemic fueled hyper-growth in electronics, semiconductors, and semiconductor equipment. Wafer Fab Equipment sales are expected to grow 44% in 2021, reaching over $90B. While VLSI's forecast analysis indicates significantly elevated equipment sales levels, there is no clear indication for a substantial downturn. The WFE sales are expected to grow 6% in 2022.

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    WFE Outlook 4Q2021

    Semiconductor Manufacturing in Hyper-Growth

    • Digital transformation of major economies has brought hyper-growth to semiconductor manufacturing
      • Shortages are abating in the second half of 2021, but strong demand continues
      • Semiconductor and wafer prices are increasing
      • Equipment orders continue to expand
    • Massive long-term CAPEX announcements from major Foundries and IDMs
      • TSMC: $100B in three years
      • Intel: Expansion to Foundry and other spending
      • Memory transitioning to EUV and adding capacity
    • Governments concerned about local supply chain security and overall competitiveness
      • U.S: Chips Act $25B for R&D; potential for additional $50B from Infra Packet
      • China: Consistently subsidizing with $30B getting into Semiconductor manufacturing
        • Demand has remained strong
      • EU: Projecting €30B
      • Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and India initiatives
    • Early indicators for continued growth in 2022
      • Strong indicators for adding capacity across the supply chains
    • As a result, the outlook for the next two years for Equipment is very bright
    WFE Outlook 4Q2021
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