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    The Technologies Inside Intel Skylake and Windows 10

      Shiv Kaushik
     May 31, 2016

    6th Generation Intel® CoreTM Processor: Generational scaling in single threaded and targeted workload performance. Generational scaling in idle & scenario power. Energy Efficiency for small form factors with Intel® Speed Shift Technology and SOC Duty Cycling. Standard virtualization extensions - Intel® Virtualization Technologies (Intel® VT-x/x2, VT-d/d2). Next Generation security capabilities – Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) & Intel® Memory Protection Extensions (Intel® MPX). 6 th Generation Intel® CoreTM Based SoC/Platform: Intel® Smart Sound technology - Next generation Audio DSP with enhanced offload capabilities. Next Generation Graphics & Media.

    Important Tags: Energy Efficiency, Intel Speed Shift Technology, Intel Virtualization Technologies, Intel Software Guard Extensions, Intel Smart Sound Technology
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