This Time it's Different for Semiconductors ... 2Q17 Status Report ... with Andrea Lati

     Andrea Lati     VLSIresearch Inc
      32736      Aug 1, 2017
    This Time it's Different for Semiconductors … or is it??? There are a lot of odd things happening in what has become a super-cycle. Coming off a seasonally soft first quarter, this quarter turned hot. And conditions keep getting hotter. Are we headed for a cliff??? Is there a new law in town … the law of Christmas???

    To answer these questions and more, Andrea Lati and I are back with a 2nd Quarter 2017 update on market trends in the semiconductors and semiconductor equipment. A range of issues spanning Semiconductors, Chip Manufacturing Equipment, Materials and Electronics are covered. We talk where the opportunities and problems are right now.

    Here’s a list of important topics to cover

    - Chip Prices
    - Inventory
    - Silicon Shipments
    - Wafer Fab Capacity Utilization
          - Silicon shipments from wafer fabs
          - High Capacity Utilization
          - The Wafer Shortage
          - 300mm vs 200mm
    - Semiconductor CapEx

    Andrea Lati leads VLSIresearch's Chip Making Markets research group. He's also one of the most respected tech forecasters in the world, as well as accurate.
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