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    UFS and NAND IP Solution for Mobile Storage

      Yuping Chung
     Jun 27, 2013

    UFS and NAND IP Solution for Mobile Storage - Total IP Solution for Mobile Storage UFS & NAND, Fast Growing NAND Storage Markets, Mobile Storage Keeps Growing, MIPI Adoption Driven by Smart Mobile, MIPI – (Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance) The standard body defining M-PHY & UniPro adopted by JEDEC UFSUFS. Integrated with MIPI protocols Using same M-PHY and UniPro®specs, Mobile SoC Support Multiple Storage Interfaces and Backward Compatibility. Total Solution Supporting Mobile Storage. Complexity of Integration, Physical Layer Analog Interface, Controller Digital Design, Controller Firmware and OS Software Drivers, OS File Systems & Stacks. UFS Mobile Storage Implementation, Layered Architecture & Reusability. UniPro® Ensures Data Integrity, UFS Controller with Certified UniPro, M-PHY Type 1 Key Features for UFS, ONFI for High Performance UFS Device. NAND Flash Interface Evolution - Versatile NAND Flash Controller IP. Challenge of ONFI 3.0 @ 400MT/s - Process, Voltage, and Temperature (PVT) lead to clock misalignment A synthesized solution cannot meet the 2.5ns DDR data period A hard IP DLL or Delay Circuit is required to ensure the clock edge is aligned to the center of data for correct sampling.

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