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    Understanding SSD Over Provisioning

      Kent Smith
     May 16, 2014

    Kent Smith Present this document for Understanding SSD Over Provisioning. SSD Over provisioning means all SSDs that use Flash memory required due to the inability to overwrite flash without it first being erased Therefore not part of HDDs The portion of the SSD capacity held in reserve (unavailable to the user), Garbage collection (the major use), SSD controller Firmware storage (small %), Spare blocks (small %), Some SSDs include other data protection beyond ECC, like RAISETM technology (space requirement varies). More OP a Good Thing, OP will consume part of the storage capacity otherwise available to users most users presume that a lower OP is better to provide maximum user storage capacity, Most users do not understand that higher OP generally provides, Higher write performance lower “Write Amplification” Space for data protection beyond ECC. An SSD listed with 128GB is marketed as “0% OP”, but in reality the true physical OP is ~7%. Test result data points are based on post-garbage collection, steady state operation, All preconditioning uses the same transfer size and type as the test result, E.g., random 4K results are preconditioned with random 4K transfers until it reaches steady state operation. Test conducted on a single SSD to isolate the OP variable.

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