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    Universal Flash Storage Compliance Test

      Perry Keller
     Nov 12, 2013

    Universal Flash Storage Compliance Test - A New Approach For a New Technology. Universal Flash Storage (UFS) The Next Generation Mobile Storage. Incorporate e.MMC features adopted by mobile systems for a smooth transition in mobile applications. Smartphones and tablets being asked to do desktop PC work. UFS provides SSD performance for low power battery operated systems. Reliability and interoperability demand rigorous compliance certification. Assure Devices and Hosts operate reliably per the UFS specification. Test procedures developed by the experts who wrote the spec itself, Uniform positive customer experience, No hidden design requirements, Maximize benefits to developers at minimum cost, Mix of interface and interop tests provides maximum coverage with least effort "Type" certification supports product enhancement without recertification. Plugfests provide for pre-compliance test of prototypes while protecting IP Promote completeness and advancement of the specifications. Real-time, real life input to specification developers, Assure ultimate integrity of UFS brand, UFSA certified independent 3rd party testing provides proof of compliance. Prerequisite for UFS logo increases developer AND end user confidence. UFS’ high speed, functionality and multi-organization specification linkage require a new approach to compliance test. UFSA compliance program is based on best practices of existing consumer interfaces like USB, SATA, PCI. Independent , managed 3rd party certification, Combining specification and interop test maximizes confidence at minimum cost, End user and developer confidence in UFS assured.

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