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    Using Flash to Maximize Profitability

      Ron Herrmann
     Jul 9, 2015

    View flash as new technology- Flash is not just “the next generation of disk” - it enables new profitability and applications, Saving money should not be the only goal of a flash project, Flash can help enterprises generate more profit and serve customers better – think email vs faster snail mail delivery. Datacenter’s Response to Bridge Disk Performance Gap : Most Costly & Volatile : Add More Memory. HDD Performance Enhancement : Wasteful, Expensive & Ineffective with Storage Latency Issues, Expensive & Ineffective for Storage Performance Issues : Add CPUs. Tune & Modify Application : Time Consuming, Very Expensive & Risky. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated- Delivering deeper insight into customer demand four times faster. Business challenge: CCBCC needed to process more data to accurately anticipate customer demand without increasing time-to-insight or exceeding SLAs. The solution: CCBCC now processes 20 times more forecasting data, down to the store level, which enables them to match manufacturing output with demand, enables earlier logistics planning and increases profitability. “By using IBM FlashSystem to accelerate our insights into customer demand, we’re better placed than ever before to offer unbeatable levels of service to our customers across the United States.” Cost savings is BONUS! 38% Lower software license costs – Due to fewer cores, Lower software maintenance. More Efficient Infrastructure– 13% lower infrastructure software costs, 35% lower operational support costs, Server / Storage Admin. Much better storage utilization– As much as 50%, Lower maintenance, Ease management by 50%. 17% Fewer Servers– Fewer cores, Lower Memory, Fewer network connections, Lower maintenance. Environmentals 74% Lower Cost, Lower power / cooling, Less floor space.

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