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    UV LED Market and Industry Trends

      Pars Mukish
     Jan 16, 2017

    The UVB / UVC industry is progressing slowly but progressing!: Contrary to UVA LED industry, UVB / UVC industry was mostly driven by start-ups (that are becoming now SMEs as market grows). But everything has changed with the entry of LG Innotek (2014) that has directly developed mass production. Not the 1 st player to enter into mass production of UVC LEDs however the biggest one!. And this is likely to make the difference and accelerate emergence of Deep UV (DUV) LED as the company hold all the trumps to successfully market the technology (supply chain, access to system manufacturer through the LG group…). More recently, the investment made by Nikkiso (i.e.: technology, manufacturing…) and the acquisition of SETi by Seoul Viosys / Seoul Semiconductor are also showing positive signs about UVC LED industry, technology and so market development. For sure, start-ups (such as RayVio, CrayoNano…) will still have a key role in the development of the UVC LED industry / market as no standard / breakthrough manufacturing technology have emerged yet.

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