The Best 2015 Suppliers

    May 21, 2015


    Chip makers applaud the 2015 THE BEST Suppliers


    Eight of the twenty-four 2015 THE BEST Suppliers were rewarded with ratings at 9.0 and above and almost all achieved ratings greater than an 8.0.
    The best suppliers of 2015

    The Best Suppliers Highest-Rated Categories

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    About the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey

    VLSIresearch received feedback from more than 96% of the chip market, 82% of the subsystems market, and 32% of the solar market for this year’s survey. The survey spanned two and half months and covered five languages. Worldwide participants were asked to rate equipment suppliers among fifteen categories based on three key factors: supplier performance, customer service, and product performance. 3,842 suppliers were rated, resulting in 57,207 total responses.


    The VLSIresearch annual Customer Satisfaction Survey is the only publicly available opportunity since 1988 for customers to provide feedback for suppliers of:semiconductor equipment, solar equipment, and subsystems. The 10 BEST and THE BEST awards provide special recognition to suppliers that are rated highest by their customers.


    10 BEST awards recognize each chip making equipment supplier as a whole, regardless of product type:

           Fab, Test, and Assembly equipment ratings are grouped together for an overall rating for each supplier

           Each supplier is then listed in one of two categories based on a three-year average of total revenues for all its market segments: Large and Focused


    THE BEST awards recognize the more detailed markets for chip making equipment suppliers, as well as suppliers in adjacent markets:

           Fab, Test, and Assembly

           Subsystems and Other Markets


    Click here for more details on the survey.

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    Teradyne, Advantest, ASML and Axcelis 2014 Top 10 Assembly Equipment Supplie