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    VLSIresearch celebrates the 40th anniversary. So we wanted to take a moment and thank all the people and companies who have made it possible by supporting us and mentoring us. VLSI is the oldest independent market research company covering the semiconductor supply chain. We are not the first, but we have managed to outlive all the others, which were either sold off or shut down. People often ask how we accomplished this feat, especially since we were focused on the chip making side. And that story starts with my dad and mom.

    On February 7th, 1976 Jerry and Lynda Hutcheson founded what was then called Technical Ventures.1 1975 had been the roughest year the industry had ever seen and Jerry had gone to a start-up the year before, which went under. When people ask my dad how he did it, he always relates back to the series of small businesses my Grandfather owned from the Great Depression and on into the sixties. Most prominent in his memory among the successes and failures ó my Grandfather always seemed to have more than one running at the same time ó was the grocery store. The biggest lesson he learned there was the importance of the customer and most importantly, being responsive to them. Seems simple, but itís extremely hard for an organization to internalize this lesson. Far more than know it, an organization must live it.

    For that, I have to thank VLSIís employees over the years who took my dadís lessons to heart. Most importantly, my mom. Because, if my dad was the brains, she was the heart and soul that drove our people to internalize the lesson.

    For me it was all the lessons I learned from my dad and, at first, the people that his reputation gave me access to early in my career. Iíll never forget the times I met Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce, and Jerry Sanders for the first time. I was shocked to realize that they knew who I was, which came in no small part from the fact that my dadís reputation drove people to read what I wrote, giving me an E ticket2 to the leaders of our industry.

    What I learned from these leaders not only became codified in my Maxims, but we also applied them here at VLSIresearch. When you spend time with any great leader, youíll be dispensed a wealth of knowledge that often comes in memorable, often poetic, sound bites. So I started writing them down as I went and using them to run VLSI. Eventually, I started publishing them. The great thing is that great leaders kept coming and I expect them to keep coming, because semiconductors are the extreme sport of business and that always attracts the best.

    Anyway, not to be a bore, Iíll stop here and list some of the people I especially want to thank for the lessons they taught us and their support:

    Alex díArbeloff, Bill Arnold, Jim Bagley, Craig Barrett, Mark Bohr, Richard Blickman, Jim Bowen, Mike Bradley, Bob Bruck, Andy Bryant, Bob Boehlke, Martin van den Brink, Mike Cadigan, Morris Chang, John Chen, Sunlin Chou, Wilf Corrigan, Gary Dickerson, Shelley Floyd, Paolo Gargini, Aart de Geus, Amy Gold, Bob Graham, Andy Grove, Peter Hanley, Jim Healy, Gary Heerssen, Terry Higashi, Rick Hill, Frits van Hout, Steve Irving, Mark Jagiela, John Kelly III, Scott Kulicke, Ken Levy, Toshio Maruyama, Dan Maydan, Eric Meurice, Bernie Meyerson, Gordon Moore, Jim Morgan, Nobuo Nakamura, Tom Newsom, Robert Noyce, Mitsutoshi Ogiso, Mary Puma, Sherry Scholer, Jackie Sturm, Gary Patton, Barry Rapozo,Hartwig RŁll, Peter Rose, Jerry Sanders, Peter Silverman, Court and Barrie Skinner, Mike Splinter, Charlie Sporck, Tom Tsuneishi, Randhir Thakur, F.C. Tseng, Phil Ware, Jim Wiley, Shoichiro Yoshida, Art Zafiropoulo and many more who contributed to my career and VLSIresearch.

    ó G. Dan Hutcheson

    ††††† February 9, 2016


    1 A name that had to be changed when we incorporated.

    2 E tickets used to be the tickets to the best rides at Disneyland.

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