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    VLSIinsiders' Cloudside Chat — April 21, 2021

      Apr 21, 2021
    • Government monetary vaccination of the semiconductor industry.
    • Macro Economy versus Slowing Semiconductor Growth.
      • When does the shortage turn into a glut?
    • The UK Government’s funding a SiC Fab.
    • The new Cryptocurrency Chip boom.
    • OSAT CapEx expansion currently hindered by lack of assembly equipment availability.
      • Wire bonder delivery quotes have stretching out.
    • The auto industry supply catastrophes are close to biblical:
      • Fires and power outages in Fabs in Japan and Taiwan.
      • Droughts and an earthquake in Taiwan.
      • Storms shutting down Fabs in Texas.
      • COVID-19 and Singapore-Malaysia border closures slowing tool production.

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