VLSIinsiders' Cloudside Chat — 31 March 2021

    This week Andrea Lati, Dan Hutcheson, John West, and Risto Puhakka discuss what insiders are saying about ...

    • The new Forecast Updates to +20%
      • How the whisper numbers from 2 months ago held up
      • Can the supply chain keep up
    • All they've ever seen is an upturn
    • Semiconductor stocks dropping before Micron's earnings call
      • Market social media forums betting on the silicon super-cycle being over?
        • Or is it just a ploy to beat down prices ahead of the call?
      • What VLSI's data analytics have to say about it
    • NXP Texas, Renesas Fire effect on fab capacity
      • Effect of new capacity, node jumping
    • Fabs running too hard skipping maintenance
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