VLSIinsiders' cloudside chat — 14 October 2020

    This week Andrea Lati, Dan Hutcheson, John West, and Risto Puhakka discuss:

    • The Outlook — What's the order visibility?
      • Business is good now
      • But there is no visibility 3 to 6 six months out
    • Weather — Where's the demand coming from: Mobile
    • John has 5G and says it's incredible
    • Last week's red flags coming out of last week's calls
    • Skywater: Risto's visit, what he saw and their move into Advanced Packaging with a new fab in Florida
    • ASML's conference call
    About VLSIinsiders: Every week our analysts have a cloudside* chat to discuss current events and key issues of concern, while sharing what they've heard over the past week from the semiconductor industry insiders.
    ∗cloudside chat: A fireside chat without the fire and is across the clouds of the internet

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