VLSIinsiders on the Semiconductor Market - 30 September 2020

    This week Andrea Lati, Dan Hutcheson, and Risto Puhakka discuss

    the ramifications of ...

    • The Trump-Biden debate on uncertainty
    • How Micron's earnings call changed the memory outlook
    • The 4 week decline of the DRAM Market
    • Semiconductors inventory: Is it too high?
    • How the Disney layoffs darken the economic outlook
    • And, as always, what we're hearing about order visibility
    About VLSIinsiders: Every week our analysts get together to discuss current events and key issues of concern, while sharing what they've heard over the past week from the semiconductor industry insiders they talked to. The content is always good, so VLSIinsiders was started to share a condensed version with you.

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