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    VLSIresearch 2016 All Stars and Hall of Fame

      Risto Puhakka
     Dec 12, 2016

    These are the executives that made the most of this year. For some, it's taken several years of methodical execution to an overarching strategy to bring this year together. For others it was about being fleet of feet. They will tell you they are parts of bigger teams who really made it possible. 2016 Inductees to the Hall of Fame are Andy Bryant: Operational, business and financial leadership for decades at Intel, and Gary Patton: Technology vision and leadership for IBM and now GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Additionally Semiconductor Industry Hall of Fame: No longer just about Chip Making, we are now including people who changed the business: Gordon A. Campbell, Father of the Fabless model; Morris Chang: Father of the Foundry model; Andrew Grove, A career of remarkable bandwidth; Pat E. Haggerty, Broke semiconductors out; Gordon Moore, Created the business model; Robert Noyce: The true father of Silicon Valley.

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