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Semiconductor Industry Market Weather Report Definitional Guidelines


> 100 Degrees F:

Delivery is the only issue.

>  90 Degrees F:

Orders are coming in with no sales effort.

>  80 Degrees F:

Orders accelerating. Capacity driven. Delivery is more an issue.

76-80 Degrees F:

B:B ratios should come in at a sustainable 1.1:1.

70-75 Degrees F:

Just meeting reasonable quotas. B:B Ratios are 1:1

<  70 Degrees F:

Orders are expected to decelerate. Price is more the issue.

<  60 Degrees F:

No way we'll meet quotas. B:B Ratios are 0.9:1

<  50 Degrees F:

Technology buys only.

<  40 Degrees F:

Technology is a hard sell.

<  30 Degrees F:

Its like selling refrigerators to Eskimos.

<  20 Degrees F:

We can't give product away.  Relationship selling only.

<  10 Degrees F:

They're not returning calls.  5+ attempts made.



It's as easy as selling cold drinks on a hot summer day in Hawaii.


It's so good our sales conference will be in Hawaii.


Visibility is clear. Order activity is good.


Visibility is clear. Order activity is OK.


Things look good on the horizon.  Order activity is OK.


Visibility is clear.  But there is no significant order activity.


No significant order activity. No end in sight.


No visibility and we are concerned. Order activity is poor.


Things look bad on the horizon. Order activity is bad.


Expected orders lost.  Budgets vaporizing.


Companies reorganizing.  Hard orders are being canceled.


Expect heads to roll soon.


Hitting bottom.  Calm & quiet, but order activity frozen.

Icy Roads:

Things look okay, but one wrong move can kill your career.