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    How R&D Has Been Accelerated By COVID-19 … with Emmanuel Sabonnadière of CEA-Leti

     Emmanuel Sabonnadière     CEA-Leti
      6100      Sep 15, 2020

    Emmanuel Sabonnadière of CEA-Leti has a conversation with Dan Hutcheson about how R&D needs have been accelerated by COVID-19, which is at the heart of how they help the world. We cover topics such as their QCL (Quantum Cascade Laser) and BCI (Brain Computer Interface) efforts at their R&D center, as well as power components, such as SiC and GaN. Also covered are CEA-Leti’s More-than-Moore technologies and why they chose to focus on this over More Moore technologies. He explains how industrial companies can work with CEA-Leti.

    About weVISION: weVISION is a series of video interviews of visionaries by G Dan Hutcheson, his career spans more than thirty years, in which he became a well-known as a visionary for helping companies make businesses out of technology. This includes hundreds of successful programs involving product development, positioning, and launch in Semiconductor, Technology, Medicine, Energy, Business, High Tech, Environment, Electronics, healthcare and Business divisions.