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    Why Variable-Size Matters: Beyond Page-Based Flash Translation Layers

      Earl T. Cohen
     Feb 8, 2014

    "This electronic presenatation for variable size matters beyond flash translation layers. Flash Translation Layers (FTLs Provide the dynamic mapping from Host Logical, Block Addresses (LBAs) to addresses in flash. Some FTL aspects like mapping of LBA (algorithm, granularity, ...), Recycling (garbage collection), Wear-Leveling (Block Picking, Data Placement), Bad-Block Handling, Performance / Overhead, Checkpoint and Recovery Algorithms, Here also some of FTL Performance Factors like Read/Write overhead to use/maintain FTL, Flash bandwidth consumption, incl. write amplification, CPU processing overhead, Wake-up time (what must be loaded at power- On, How quickly after power-on is user data accessible? Unsafe shutdown recovery time. Here some FTL components are Map, A means to convert LBAs to NAND Addresses, Meta-data, Generally stored in-band with user data, such as storing the LBA with the data itself, LBA stored with data acts as a “reverse, map” – used for Recovery Logs/Journals, Used in some FTLs to record, changes to the map. FTL also have some of approches issues like block-based too coarse a granularity. Write amplification way too high – writing 4KB re-writes an entire block. Sub-page-based ties the data size to be an integer divisor of the flash page size. You can learn some of things from this Presenation like ECC Unit map,LBA to data location in flash, Address and Span, Extracting Data, "

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